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We have the Peggy's Cove Festival of the Arts going once again and our Opening Gala on Thursday, July 11th at Shining Waters Marina in Tantallon, NS. Tickets are $20 and are available through the PCAFA website. There will be a silent auction of arts and crafts, with six member artists will be demonstrating… read more.

   Just playing around with a new idea...  The idea that the mind fills in the blanks for us… read more.

Misty-the mouse slayer! On this past weekend, my year+ old cat had an epiphany... She caught her first mouse!  I live in a 100+ old house (renovated of course!), and the basement is separate, so mice in the fall can get in if they are determined. And believe, cold mice can get… read more.

Enjoy Yourself by Teresa Young.I've noticed myself getting more negative over the last couple of years. Which is a serious issue, because I start to feel like I'm pushing against a wall whenever I try to get something done!I think this is pretty common for most of us as we get older, but I've got… read more.

Posted simultaneously here and on . Change is good, isn't it?It seems to me that our world is in the middle of fundamental changes in how things are bought and sold. I know that seems like the understatement of the century, but I taken a bit of time to… read more.

Well, two nights ago I did it again... Indulged my secret addiction and ended up staying up all night to do it. You'd think by middle age it would no longer be a problem!   Nope, not talking about sex, but reading... I have a terrible habit of not being able to stop! I can stop a movie in the… read more.

How to move on...


Nikki - 18 years old.Last year, I wrote a blogpost about my old cat, how she had a deformed voicebox and she couldn't meow very well. The name of the post was 'My Cat is a Mime.'Since I hate loud noises, I had come to the conclusion over time that this cat was pretty well perfect for me...The problem… read more.

WHY WE BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE: ever think on this: In a recent essay in New Scientist magazine, the psychologist Dorothy Rowe explains that none of us can see reality. We have to construct it from our interpretation of what we perceive, tempered by experience. As a result, each of us exists in our own… read more.

Over the years, I've dabbled in a lot of mediums and foundations to create artworks.  I've painted jewelry boxes, candles, wood of all sorts, lecture stands, jackets, motorcycles and even lamps! (I learned how to use an airbrush to paint a motorcycle, it was a lot of fun.) When I bought a house… read more.