Here is a selection of my latest paintings, which are on glass for a change.  … read more.

I'll be running a workshop at the Creation Station in Tantallon, NS on glass painting. Depending upon enrollment of course! In this evening workshop (four weeks, two hour evening classes) participants will learn how to prepare a piece of glass or mirror for a glass painting.How to put in a skeletal… read more.

First, I prepare the glass for the paint by using a prep fluid I buy at Michael's and let it dry overnight.For the next step, I sometimes prepare a design in advance and draw it on a white piece of paper which I put behind the glass as a guide (only works with clear glass this way...). And you can also… read more.

I've been at a roadblock lately, looking at my own art with a different viewpoint. It just doesn't seem to work for me anymore! Not that I've given up painting and drawing, but I've been mulling things over and figured out what the source of my dissatisfaction is... I seem to have descended into the… read more.

  Hello everyone!   This weekend (Saturday, July 20th [today] and tomorrow) is the 2013 Studio Tour weekend for the Peggy's Cove Festival of Arts. Since I don't have a studio, I'm hanging my artwork at Bay Hammock's Company in Seabright, NS. Which is on the lighthouse route, about fifteen minutes… read more.

Well last night at the opening was loads of fun!  We had six artists doing their art for people to watch (live!) and they called us 'Fresh Fish Artists'.... Which is pretty funny, because I found out when I was doing a bit of preparation practice that I cannot do a fish to save my life!  Hahahah! … read more.

We have the Peggy's Cove Festival of the Arts going once again and our Opening Gala on Thursday, July 11th at Shining Waters Marina in Tantallon, NS. Tickets are $20 and are available through the PCAFA website. There will be a silent auction of arts and crafts, with six member artists will be demonstrating… read more.

   Just playing around with a new idea...  The idea that the mind fills in the blanks for us… read more.